Biomass Gasifier Manufacturers

Ankur is one of the veteran Biomass Gasifier Manufacturers that manufactures gasifiers - chemical reactors of the highest quality and efficiency. These gasifiers facilitate thermo-chemical processes including pyrolysis, combustion, and reduction of biomass materials including wood, charcoal, rice husk and the like.

We ensure that the gasifiers deliver gas lower calorific value (1000–1200 kcal/nm3) compared to resources such as natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. Being a company of technocrats, we ensure robust design and innovation in each of our products.

In addition, our biomass-to-energy services create local wealth by activating a pool of local partners inclusive of forest-related companies, wood recycling firms, sawmills, etc. Wood energy adds to the other timber-related activities allowing continuity and sustainable development of different industry sectors.

Here’s why you should choose us

  • As one of the veteran biomass gasifier manufacturers, we provide highly versatile gasifiers that can handle 60+ different gases.
  • Our gasifiers are designed to use feedstock in the original form with minimum pre-processing of materials, thus reducing plant Capex and the Opex.
  • Our gasifiers can burn most tars inside to generate clean gas (lowest tars in the industry).
  • State-Of-The-Art Gas Clean up Systems which generate no liquid emissions
  • Solid and Gaseous emissions within permissible limits specified by Pollution Control departments
  • One of the prime gasifier manufacturers that develops its own technology, manufactures, installs and maintains the systems as per customer needs while addressing their issues in record time
  • 250+ employees dedicated to developing and improving gasification of various feeds
  • 1000+ systems installed in over 35 countries using a variety of feeds
  • Dedicated in-house R&D to improve patented technology consistently.
  • 50+ Customer Service Professionals ensuring quick responses in English and other languages

As one of the most prominent Biomass gasifier manufacturers, Ankur is a one-stop shop for all biomass gasifer needs. Contact us to get a quote for biomass gasifiers today!